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The Contours of Silence 

Director/Composer: Samar Haddad King

Choreographer/Performer: Sudhee Liao

Lighting Designer: Lai Wing Shan 

Sound Designer: Jaycee Kwok

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Performance, 2024

Arab Arts Focus, Hong Kong Arts Festival 

Black Box Theatre, Cultural Centre, Hong Kong.

"The Contours of Silence" reveals how one navigates being part of the Chinese diaspora. It unfolds as a nuanced exploration of identity. The journey takes on unique complexity, intertwining the threads of cultural heritage, gender, personal experience and a constant negotiation between tradition and modernity. Balancing between the echoes of tradition and the rhythms of contemporary influences, the body manifests and adapts. The Contours of Silence seeks to distill the essence of lived moments to evoke emotions. It becomes a mirror for reflection, connection and a timeless exploration of what it means to be human.

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