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Faraway My Shadow Wandered 

Documentary Film (70mins)


Tricycle, The Buddhist Review 2023

Singapore Red Dot August, 2022
Cinéma du Réel Paris, 2021
International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2021
Asian Film Festival Barcelona, 2021
Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival Hong Kong, 2021
30_70 Doc Fest, 2021

Singapore International Film Festival, 2020

Hermetic Diode (2020)


2022 World Dance Alliance (WDA) Global Summit 2022, SWEAT Dance Festival, Hong Kong

2022 10th Contemporary Dance Series, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

2021 Hong Kong Art Festival 2021, Hong Kong

2020 KWM Art Center, Beijing


Interconnectivity (2021)


Commissioned by Hong Kong Dance Alliance

Presented in Nowness Asia

Faraway My Shadow Wandered, Noto Peninsula, Japan, Winter
Hermetic Diode
Interconnectivity, dance, slime, nownessasia
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