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Director/Editor: Vincent Ip

Choreographer: Sudhee Liao

Devising dancers: Jonathan Hung, Chan Lok Hin

Costume designer: Audrey Ng

Sound designer: Shane Aspegren

2nd Camera: Silas Chow

Camera crew: Ravel Fun, Huiman Chung

Gaffer: Carter Wong Ying Kit

Lighting crew: Tai Tsz Hin, Yau Chun Hin Cyril, Lam Man Shine, Ng Tsz Ho

Producer: Jamie Wu

Artistic advisor: Tsang Man Tung

Photography: Jesse Clockwork

Film (2021)

Commissioned by Hong Kong Dance Alliance

Presented in Nowness Asia

A multi-layered performance that explores the state of connection. With a confined and structured costume design, the work delves into the significance of movement and how the body can react within a restrictive space.


By weaving physicality and movement, we play with the idea of equilibrium between body and space. The work takes the audience through a visceral and surreal journey by interweaving between performance and the body. It translates as a sculpture that evokes a paradoxical sense of intimacy. This gives new meaning to the idea of movement and showcases the inherent awkwardness that echoes our own vulnerabilities.

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