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Hong Kong Art Festival 2018 (Performance)
Choreographer: Sudhee Liao

Visual Artist: Andrew Luk

Dancers: Kingsan Lo King San, Sudhee Liao Sound Designer: Fung Chin Lung

Sound Forms 2019 (Film version, 2021)
Choreographer: Sudhee Liao 

Cinematographer: Vincent Ip

Visual Artist: Andrew Luk

Dancers: Jonathan Hung, Sudhee Liao

Lighting Design: Lai Wing Shan

Sound Designer: Fung Chin Lung


Performance and Film

Soundforms, Hong Kong, 2019

Hong Kong Art Festival, 2018 (Performance)


2022 World Dance Alliance (WDA) Global Summit 2022, SWEAT Dance Festival, Hong Kong

2022 10th Contemporary Dance Series, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

2021 Hong Kong Art Festival 2021, Hong Kong

2020 KWM Art Center, Beijing

Hermetic Diode is a collaborative effort between Sudhee Liao and visual artist, Andrew Luk. It explores notions regarding the performed space using a large plastic bubble, pipes and industrial fans. The piece plays with elements of proximity and intimacy between performers and audience as well as the atmospheric conditions and pressure within enclosed spaces.

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