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First Steps

Director: Tamanoir Immersive Studio
Dramaturge and Translator: Enoch Cheng
Associate Choreographer: Sudhee Liao
Associate Sound Designer: Martin Lai
Associate Lighting Designer: Mak Kwok-fai
Dancers: Rex Cheng, Fonteyn Ho, Hong Lau, Chester Wong, Carmen Yu

Jockey Club InnoArts Series: First Steps

A participatory dance in an immersive soundscape with interactive lighting

Together with Tamanoir Immersive Studio, Hong Kong artists Enoch Cheng and Sudhee Liao have created First Steps, a seminal performance that combines dance with an interactive immersive experience. Presented by Cheng as Dramaturge, Adapter and Associate Director (Cantonese version) and Sudhee Liao as Associate Choreographer, First Steps invites 24 participating audience members to join five professional dancers on stage and share something quite remarkable. The participants are asked to put on headphones and unfurl into a series of movements as they follow audio instructions, while the 200 spectating audience members remain in their seats and watch the performance unfold.

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