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Duration: Dec 18, 2021 - Jan 8, 2022

Size of room: 210 sq ft


Documentation of a 21 day hotel quarantine experience in Hong Kong.

Sharing my thoughts and state of being.

Dance with me? is an open invitation to encourage anyone to interact by using the language of movement. I started this concept while serving my 21-day hotel quarantine in Hong Kong, trying to make a connection to the outside world.


By making a daily appearance at the same specfic spot, I invited people to share a moment of their day with me and likewise for me with them. .



It has been almost two years since I last went home to see my family. The biggest reason for this trip was to see my 96 year old Popo (Grandma) and family. It was a short trip, despite knowing it was a 21 day quarantine back, and loss of income from teaching, I did it anyway.

This pandemic taught me to treasure loved ones and friends more than ever.  And time never doesn't wait for anyone. I am contended that I managed to catch my Popo, who is sufffering from Dementia at a good time. During my time there, she had a day or two where she was chatty with me. I am contended that I was able to witness that rare moment.

Day 2/21 - 19 Dec, 2021


First actual day in this 215 sq ft room. Day 1 was spent traveling and trying to past immigration, taking PCR tests and praying really hard I did not catch Covid on the way back.


My first window appearance. Trying to familiarize with the space, my body and my new neighbors. I don't think I had an audience. It was just some self love for my mind and body.

Day 3/21 - 20 Dec, 2021


Feeling relaxed, motivated and trying to observe my neighbors, trying to send my energy outwards. No response from the outside world, but that's okay.

Day 5/21 - 22 Dec, 2021


Somehow, I felt stuck. Legs were heavily rooted to the ground. Maybe it was from all the sitting and sloutching. Trying to keep myself active

Day 8/21 - 25 Dec, 2021


Christmas Day. My mind wasn't about clinking glasses or having a cheese platter. Popo was admitted to the hospital the night before, as she had breathing difficulities. I know she hates going to the hospital. Not a great day, or Christmas to be honest.

Day 10/21 - 27 Dec, 2021


As I thought about how much lunch menu is beginning to be on repeat, didn't enjoy the cous cous with mushrooms I had earlier. My mind drifted for awhile, but I saw a security guard from the industrial building across pointing at me to another person. And he was grooving with me for a short while. I was trying to contain my excitement and was fumbling with my phone for awhile, didn't manage to video him grooving. You know who you are, I hope you enjoyed our special moment.

Day 11/21 - 28 Dec, 2021

This is the time between Christmas and New Years. I guess everyone pretends to be busy. So, I thought I should get up and do something for the last few days of 2021. I was looking out for my audience yesterday, no sign for him.

Day 12/21 -  29 Dec, 2021


Passed my halfway mark. But this day is also the day that Stand News, one of the last pro-democracy media outlet in Hong Kong was raided. I'll allow the body to speak.

Day 14/21 -  1 Jan, 2022

Happy 2022! Tried really hard to stay up till 12mid night, but I'm glad I got to countdown with my boyfriend. Woke up this morning and decided that I should face the world with more positivity. Disco it shall be!

Day 17/21 -  3 Jan, 2022

Still looking out for people, nothing. I guess it's just me, myself and I. But that's okay.

I'm almost there.

Day 19/21 -  5 Jan, 2022

Popo is still in the hospital. She is not doing so well, she has been there almost as long as I have been in quarantine. The thought of aging scares me. Because of my Popo, I am intrigued by how fast dementia can take over your body.

A loss of memory and deterioration in other mental functions. How does it feel like to notice the mind slowly slipping away?

Day 20/21 -  7 Jan, 2022

A few more hours to go before I check out at mid night, 00:01. Last solo before I leave this room, thank you for making my time here bearable. Good news is that my Popo is out of the hospital. Somehow she has been with me this whole time. She is going home today, and so am I. I have been in here since 2021 and it's such an irony to get out of quarantine and go into a 5th lockdown. I'm done complaining. I will prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. See you all out there!

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