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Directors: Anita Lee, Alexander Leeway
Performer: Sudhee Liao
Composer: Cassie To
Sound design: Matthew Perrott
Aerial Operator: Oliver Lun
Aerial Operator Assistant: Fung Kwok



A lone woman on a rooftop struggles to find her place in an immense metropolis.


Filmed atop one of Hong Kong's many high-rises, Crowded Transmission encapsulates an individual's desire for connection and affinity despite their proximity to others. Directed by Anita Lee and Alexander Leeway, and performed by dancer Sudhee Liao, the film is part of an ongoing multidisciplinary project made up of a series of poetic films, endeavouring to create awareness of the currents of sadness that move through us as modern human beings. Through film, sound design, music and performance to explore the emotion of ‘melancholy’ we feel we have the opportunity to find deeper connection with one another and the world around us.

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