Sudhee LIAO was born and raised in Singapore. She graduated from The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Contemporary Dance.

Her experience as a dancer is wide ranging having worked extensively with a range of international choreographers. She has performed in international dance festivals and various productions across a range of theatres, galleries and site specific spaces.


As a choreographer, her more recent works includes Simulacra which was shown in CCDC 2nd Stage, Interconnectivity, an online programme, Going live: dancing with enigmatic perception which was shown in Singapore Art Week 2021, Shanghai Power Station of Art and Tai Kwun, Hong Kong. Haptic Compression and Hermetic Diode, a collaborative piece with visual artist, Andrew Luk was commissioned by The Hong Kong Jockey Club was premiered at The Hong Kong Art Festival 2021, 2018 and 2017 respectively. White Cell was a 2 month residency programme at WING Platform. She recently received a full scholarship from HKADC to attend ImpulsTanz festival last Summer.

She has also co-directed the film Faraway My Shadowed Wandered with Liao Jiekai and it has been premiered in Singapore International Film Festival 2020, Cine du reel 2021 and International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021.


She is currently an independent dance artist, choreographer and dance educator.