Far Away My Shadow Wandered 

Director: Liao Jiekai, Sudhee Liao 

Producer: Jeremy Chua, Elysa Wendi

Production Company: Potocol, Cinemovement

Genre: Hybrid Documentary Dance Film

Running time: 80mins



When he was a child, Junya promised his maternal grandfather that as the eldest grandson, he would take over the family Shinto shrine. However, this did not come to pass as Junya did not share the same family name and he grew estranged from his family over time. To escape from this tension, Junya ventured overseas to pursue other dreams and distanced himself from the hometown where he grew up. One day, while working in an Izakaya, he meets a foreigner with the same birthday researching a new dance piece for a film. His fateful encounter leads him to confront a family history that he has left behind and gives the dancer inspiration for her work. Together in the midst of winter, they revisit Junya’s hometown to reconnect with his childhood and let go of a promise he cannot fulfil.