Dancer CV (Selected):


Handbook of Daily Movement | The Arts House, Singapore


Going Live: With Enigmatic Perception | Very Natural Actions, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong

Hermetic Diode V2 | Sound Forms 2019, Hong Kong Arts Centre


Going Live: With Enigmatic Perception | Shanghai Power Station of Art   

Hermetic Diode | Hong Kong Arts Festival 2018 | Kwai Tsing Black Box 


Foreign Matter | Dance Residency at The Gold Saucer | Vancouver

Dream of The Red Chamber | San Fransico Opera | Fangyi- Sheu | Hong Kong Cultural Centre



Snark | Pop Up Artist Exhibition | Hong Kong

Intepretation 2 | Pak Wei Ming | Shanghai Dance Stages, Shanghai

Did not kill a single man | DanceArt Hong Kong | Site Specific | Hong Kong Costal and Defense Museum


CroXXing "交界記憶" | Cyrus Hui | Site Specific | Swimming Pool Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp, Hong Kong

When Black Forst Tea meets Masala Chai | Teakha, Hong Kong

| JCCAC L6 Public Space, Hong Kong

Not Yet / To Forget | Ivan Chan and Sudhee Liao | Cattle Depot Unit 12, Hong Kong


Yat Yat “一一” | Cherry Leung | CCDC 35th Anniversary, Kwai Tsing Black Box Theatre, Hong Kong

Beautiful Decay | Cherry Leung | JCCAC Black Box Theatre, Hong Kong

Yat Yat “一一” | Cherry Leung | Beijing Dance Festival 2014, Beijing

The Left Hander | Ka Wing Blue | Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong

舞出真我 | E Side Dance Company | Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre, Hong Kong

Yat Yat “一一” | Cherry Leung | HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Hong Kong

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